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Since the 1st of July 1983 our company is busy in the broad scope of: Architecture, building technical advice, building technical surveys & studies, commercial studies for buildings en the "builded environment".  In this field we
are working by our subsidaries in the projects of: Luxury Estates & Apartments, Offices in all shapes and functions, Utility Buildings, Laboratories, Musicschools, Hotels & Leisure Buildings and Monuments.
Focuspoints:                          *        Technical challenges;
                                              *         Re-use and Re-destination of existing buildings;
                                              *         Sustainability based on the BREEAM regulations;
                                              *         Energysaving;
                                              *         Maintenance studies & consultance;
                                              *         Conditionscore measurements with the NEN 2767 regulation as basis;
                                              *         Valuation of Real Estate;
                                              *         Commercial and Technical Due Dilligence Research & Reports
The whole range from "The Idea" till the delivery to the client and the follow-up by maintenance are our expertise.
We implement the character points on daily base in our projects, which be builded "by the hundreds" in the past years for you :   our respected client.
We are eager to invite you for a free consultation any time and place you want, please be so kind to contact us
by Email, the contactbutton on this site, by letter or by telephone.
VAT-number:                    8049.46.425.B.01                                  Your contactperson: 
Chamber of Commerce:  33274748
Banknumber:                   NL66ASNB0707218438
By the way: We are working "World-Wide" !                            
                                                                                                       Mr. Ing. C.J. de Mol 
                                                                                                       Director Customer Relations
                                                                                                       Mobile: 00 31 657547324
B.T.C.-Nederland B.V.          Estabished:           1st of July 1983
design & development           Working from:        Zeist / Utrecht
                                                                             The Netherlands
                                               Workspace:           World-wide
VAT-number:                    8049.46.B.01.425
Chamber of Commerce:  34134394  
Banknumber:                   NL66ASNB0707218438
                                               Workfields:             Architecture / Building Technical Studies & Consultation /   
                                                                              Building Maintenane / Monuments Conservation & Restauration
Yushuna Real Estate & Development B.V.
                                               Established:           1st of December 2001
                                               Working from:         Zeist / Utrecht
                                               Workspace:            World-wide
VAT-number:                     8120.65.694.B.01
Chamber of Commerce:   34180582
Banknumber:                    NL66ASNB0707218438
                                               Workfields:             Commercial studies & Research for all types of Real Estate &      
                                                                              the Builded Environment as: Shopping Malls, Hotels & Leisure.  
 World Freeport Britain B.V. / World Freeport Britain Ltd. 
                                               Established:           25th of April 2019
                                               Working from:        Utrecht (Headquarters) NL / Carlisle (Freeport) U.K.
                                               Workspace:            World-wide
VAT-number:                     NL089610.179.B04
Chamber of Commerce:   74664549
Banknumber:                    NL66ASNB0707218438